Styld to Perfection

Personal Styling for Men

Do you ever wish you were the kind of man who could look great no matter what you wear, but in reality can’t even match his socks to his pants? Or would you love to look dapper, but would rather complete a thesis than go to the mall? Perhaps you’re just too busy to shop. Well, Styld is the perfect solution to all of these problems. We have launched our mens personal styling service to show you that looking great can be effortless. With our online personal fashion styling service, you can receive up to 10 items of clothing, hand selected by your personal stylist, based on your style and budget, delivered to your door.

Whether dressing for the boardroom or for brunch, we will find the perfect attire to fit any occasion. Simple. Convenient. Personal.

Styld to Perfection

How it works

Step 2

Our personal stylists select fashion that fits your budget and profile, and send it to you free of charge.

Step 3

Try everything on, keep what you like and return the rest for a refund/exchange.

Styld to Perfection

Our services are geared towards all shapes, sizes and genders

Personal Stylists & Image Consultants

Passionate about people and fashion, we aim to personalise each Styld Surprise incorporating the latest global trends to suit your taste and budget. We want our clients to ooze confidence, grace and beauty no matter what they’re doing.

Customer Service

We work closely with brands to ensure the highest quality standards and resolution of customer issues, From designers to technology partners and everything in-between, we strive to use local talent where possible to deliver an exceptional frictionless experience to our clients.


We use data to optimise our inventory management and curation of each Styld Surprise, matching clients to designers based on demographics and buying behaviour. No two Styld Surprises are the same!

100% Women Owned

100% woman owned business, adopting business models optimised to provide flexible working arrangements and progressive work policies to encourage for creativity and innovation.

Local Strategic Partnerships

We work with local designers and manufacturers to stimulate local production, and curate all clothing and accessories to ensure the high quality standards are delivered to our clients.
Why our clients love us

We Make Life Easier!

All you need to do is fill out your Styld Profile and set a budget. It’s then up to your personal stylist to make you happy!

Whether you need to chat about style or budget, a stylist is a click away. We’ll find clothes you will look and feel confident in every day for every occasion.

Receive your Styld Surprise as often as you’d like it: monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or whenever you need a dose of personalised style. You’re in full control.

We source local brands across a range of price points that are of high quality.

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